Well the aliens finally made it
And there's nothing left
Their gonna build their own roads and stuff
Best you jump when their shoes light up
Or you'll never catch the bus
A puzzle in their minds
Used to be a blinding light
Used to be electric eels
But somewhere in the water
I hear the slime police
Life without Ideas, is taking over this place

Freeway full of dead cars
Horizons full of brand new stars
There's nothin' out here but extremophiles
There's nobody around here to call for miles
I'd rather bid on the Philippines
I wonder if I'm from the hills
If only we could find the tombstones
A pawn fire hog that ran with pride
Ma and Pa, I'm gonna live with pride.

The freeway full
Dead 'cause the freeway full
Dead 'cause the freeway full
I'm losing my mind.


from 2088: The Jumbo​-​Cricket Landfill Incident, released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Rocky Kaminski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why have you gone so far from the swamp, Four-Eyes?

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