We found boxes of brains and their looters
We found pilfering theives and black market treasures
a promissary note to their lenders
It means a nothing to anyone now

There was a landfill of broken computers
They train wild dogs to sick the intruders
An auctioneer was pawning their livers
It means nothing to anyone now

Hyenas set from the zoological park
To run a muck in the city
Radiation fallout made em quick as a snake
The rich mans carcasses are sweeter to taste.
uh uh huh

We found boxes of brains and their looters
They was a pulsing like a body was there.
Hooked them to a nerve conduction machine
Vanished right outta thin air.

That's when I lost my head
Way out on the wheel
My ancestors grow in the weeds of time
Got air in the tires, It's the wagon of doom
A sick man's excorcist comin' home soon.


from 2088: The Jumbo​-​Cricket Landfill Incident, released October 21, 2015
Saxophone: Jeremy Keim-Shenk



all rights reserved


Rocky Kaminski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why have you gone so far from the swamp, Four-Eyes?

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