No more fish in the crick
There's no more fish in the crick
Used to be full with smallmouth bass
Now there isn't even a carp

I used to come here with my Pa
With a can of nightcrawlers we caught in the rain
Used to feed our whole families
Fishin' just Pa and me

There's no more frogs around here
and it smells like a sick disease
Used to be surrounded by trees
Now we're just surrounded by stench
Toxic stench

There used to be a winged bird
There used to be palaminos
Used to be a rainbow trout
Now you can't even find a tadpole
Now you can't even find no bugs
Can't even find a dragonfly who used to hover over the stumps


from 2088: The Jumbo​-​Cricket Landfill Incident, released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Rocky Kaminski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why have you gone so far from the swamp, Four-Eyes?

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