Sleepin' on the Side of the Road

from by Rocky Kaminski



In the middle of the winter will be cold
and I'll be sleepin' on the side of the road
Buck naked on the side of the road
in the middle of winter it will be cold

A bug flew by and it glowed
A jug of water is a pocket full o gold
Buck naked on the side of the road
in the middle of winter it will be cold

Hell won't save me
No the heat won't save me
No heavenly father to throw me down a coat
I'll let the funeral save me
Following a beacon'll save me
Big enough for my body
But is it big enough for my my mind

I think nature will save me
A tornado will derange me
One look at the danger
I said I'm not goin' far at all
I'm not goin' far far

The moon is cold and white
And I'll be eatin' on the side of the road
The world is cold and I made a flint fire
Sleepin' on the side
I'm light it up

I said I'm sleepin' on a junkyard tire
Don't wanna stay here for all of my life
I'm only heyna heyna heyna human
But the oil is gone, electricity gone

I'm gonna make it don't waste no more
I'm gonna make it to dance no more
Infected with the disease of life
God's love is the sharpest knife
A little bitter is the chill at night
Hungry critters can smell my breath
If they don't eat me I'll freeze to death
With no belonging now

I'm gonna make it on the side of the road
Uh huh huh


from 2088: The Jumbo​-​Cricket Landfill Incident, released October 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Rocky Kaminski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why have you gone so far from the swamp, Four-Eyes?

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