I came a long long way
Laughing Athena won't cha kick my boon?
smog-bomb-thick throwin a beam out
Turn the pressure valve gone get oily in the ground
and get smoked up
I won't wait I wanna see some
And I'm breakin the fallout
saw it oozin' the green, the gold

Aw Naw me two
Seein double again, a ghost town
A bone dry, a long gone city
evacuated, a scrapyard belly

A message floaing loose in space
Carry coordinates away
Transmitted signals over time

Backslidin on a rig don't even know why
Why sheild em from the devil
Hide em all
Til it only feels a heat
Aw haw haw haw haw haw haw
Make a meal
Don't make a deal
Aw eat up the loot
Bottle em up, howl on, cheat em
Satan not makin my route

They say it’s plain as day
A well ya gushin the fuel
And that stuff gone kill it
Halt, stop, forget it!
a down under the earth
Take us all down with it

Hold on
Said you don’t mean no wrong grandpa
Well you did it
Outta the crater jumped a big groundhog

In an illusionary life
I've got a bottle and a knife
Loud electrons in the rain

I sail outta the hydroplane
Potholes shakin my hitch
a break pedal
a wasteland devil
Breedin out a back in a ditch
I won't do it
Don't make a me never
Never ever ever again
Take a ride out backa the crater
By the schuykill county mines again


from 2088: The Jumbo​-​Cricket Landfill Incident, released October 21, 2015
Jeremy Keim Shenk on Saxophone



all rights reserved


Rocky Kaminski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why have you gone so far from the swamp, Four-Eyes?

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